Sunday, September 10, 2006

The shop received some 2.5inch fabric swatches and of course I took them home. Time to make something for me, a larger version of the bag I made Kate. I took out the Paris Flea Market samples and added a few with some soft yellow solid squares.

I love the fabrics but decided it looked to spring/summer to use now. But I still needed to find fabric for the top border, handles & lining. So I head over to one of my favorite Quilt Shops Stitched In Stone only to discover they are closing at the end of Oct. The owners husband is very ill and she needs to devote her time at home, it was too hard trying to run the shop from home. I did mange to find 2 fabric the went perfectly and bought more for a fall bag but trying out a new pattern.

The floral with the berries will be the top border and the small dots will be the handles and the lining. I'm putting that aside the awhile, mostly because I lent the magazine out that has the pattern.

I picked out these browns & yellows to make the new bag. I got home I read the pattern now I am in search of fusible flannel. This is the second bag pattern I've seen that calls for fusible flannel. Of course the shop is closed on Sundays and my shop doesn't carry it. Monday is a work day and Tuesday I'm crazy busy with appt at school, Mom's Dr appt and guild meeting in the PM. So I'm not sure if I have anything here that would be an acceptable substitute. Timtex??? I'll read the directions again and see if I can't work around it.

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