Saturday, September 23, 2006

For a mistake the block still looks ok, the rectangle was suppose to be vertical, it will make a nice little mini wall hanging. Maybe some blue & white half square triangles?? I'll have to do the math, or I'll let EQ do the math.

Finished the purse, did the zipper 3 times before I finally got something I was happy with. Next time I'll definitely read the pattern directions before I buy. It was hard finding zippers this the color I wanted, couldn't get the 16" zip length the pattern called for, used an 18" and tuck the excess into the lining.

Had a great road trip yesterday to NE Quilt Supply with Mary, Pat & Lillian. While we were picking through the sample they sell buy the pound a gentleman came out and said he open up the remnants room. It was like we hit the mother load. The remenants were huge pieces, some as big as 4 yards. I bought 2 bags weighing 20 lbs total, my pieces where half yard to 4 yard pieces. Now to make room...

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Anonymous said...

we are envious, what quilter doesn't love a stash supply, especially at bargain basement prices!!!!