Saturday, February 21, 2009


Oh, how I miss my digital camera...this cellphone camera isn't cutting it. I decided to take pics of my UFO's, hoping this will get me motivated to complete a few.

I have a request for a brown & blue baby quilt. I'm having a hard time with putting those colors into a baby quilt. I hate working on quilts when I'm not in love with the fabrics. Poor boy will be in kindergarten by the time I get finished with it. I've settled on this for the pattern & layout...I think

I started cutting out a Turning Twenty Again with different racing them fabric. The nights can get really cold camping at the September race at Loundon

I decided if you can't find your favorite drivers fabric, make it yourself

I scanned "hero" cards we picked up at the track and used Printed Treasures to make my own fabric squares. The pic of Robby & Tony's shoving match is my favorite.


ROZ said...

Making a special color scheme is a challenge--I don't think I could even manage. Keep up the good work

Miri said...

I like the pattern and with the fabrics that you're planning on using, I think the quilt will be cute for a boy! It is hard to make something for "someone else's taste".