Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Need a Director!

When my son has to clean his room it can be overwhelming and often doesn't know where to start, I help by playing the role of "director". First, I tell him to pick up all the clothes, second pick up toys, etc...after awhile I don't say anything and he continues along. I finally got the motivation to clean my sewing/quilt room and now I was the one who desperately needed a director!
Janet-Lee Santeusanio , the Queen of Machine Quilters & co-found of the Machine Quilters Expo suggested I take before and after pictures. When I downloaded the pictures I was horrified at the state of my room.

My feeble attempts at organization

This didn't work at all, too small of a space, too many patterns.

Notice how everything leans to the right, the post serves as a bookend.

I cleaned off the top shelf which used to have squares in bins sorted by size. I keep saying I'm going to make a scrap quilt but eventually gave up that fantasy and gave the squares to my guild's queen of scrap quilts. So far she's brought in 3 full size quilts made with my scraps that she gave to teenagers living in a group home. The next shelf holds my pieces of 1+yards, mostly sorted by color. I fold the yardage using my 6.5 x 24.5 in rule, a method the book Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space, the Happy Zombie has a nice picture tutorial on her blog. The shelves with bins hold FQ's & half yard cuts sorted by color.

I'm off to search the internet for some organizational inspiration. Stay tuned....


Brenda said...

That's a nice size space...the possibilities are endless! You're so lucky to be able to "spread out". I saw a quilting "room" that was a repurposed closet. It sure did put my liitle space into perspective, LOL!

Mary said...

My Hubby put shelves all around the top of room and then I could store see=thru bins with fabric. They really helped, keep at it, the reward is Huge! Hugs, Mary

Anonymous said...

You're so brave to post a picture. I've thought about it, but am such a chicken...but, it make me more motivated to take an "after" picture to post. Thanks for the inspiration.