Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Captain and his Pilot

I made some progress in the sewing room. 4 bags of scraps went to the guild for the quilt show scrap table, and a large box of FQ's & patterns for the guild penny table. The I vacuumed and washed the floor, repositioned the cutting table and set up my SewEzi table.

Turning the cutting table made the room flow better. Of course my biggest problem is flat surfaces which I can not help pile stuff on. That's why my husband is the captain and I'm the pilot. When my husband gets annoyed with all my piles I it pick them up and pil-ot them in another room, then a pil-ot them to another spot.
I set up my SewEzi table instead of sewing on the high counter top. The SewEzi was a great investment, its easy to set up and transport.

I put my big board close to my sewing table, not exactly the desirable sewing triangle but its working out better than the old layout. Next project is to find a storage for the plastic project boxes.

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