Monday, December 22, 2008

Time to get back into the blogging lane...

It was a good year health-wise, feeling better than I ever did before I got sick. So much in fact I'm working 2 jobs, full-time para in 7th grade at the Middle School and still Sundays at Little Lamb Quilt Shop in Barrington, NH. My free time is at a premium for awhile, I am learning the curriculum...things have changed since I was in 7th grade! If the kids only knew how great they have it now compared to when I was in Junior High. My favorite subject, much to my surprise I now know more about Igneous Rocks than I thought I ever would...actually, I never heard of an Igneous Rock before...LOL.

I have finished a few shop samples, I did a jelly roll quilt using Moda's Pampered Pooch. I love the dog bone border, they were easy to do.
Jelly Rolls...What a great idea! Whoever thought them up jelly rolls needs a big fat wet kiss. Jelly rolls, charm packs, layer cakes...the only way it could get easier is if they sewed themselves!
We still have some of the dog bone fabric, maybe one of my pamper pooches will get a new dog bed under the tree??

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