Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here it goes... my first posting on my blog...

I actually got some alone time with my machine today, not much but some. Working on a bag for my niece's birthday (June...opps), Kate turned 16 and just got her license. Just what every 16yo wants from her dorky aunt a batik bag, well at least she'll like the ITunes Gift card inside.

Need to quilt the front and back, will use a blue varigated thread and hopefully my quilting machine will play nice. Its more like hopefully I won't have a brain fart and will do overall quilting on it. Not sure why I can't make friends with this Brother 1500S, I sit or stand in front of it and have the biggest brain farts. My most common mistake is when I've been using my Viking DII then hop over the the Brother, I forget to put down the presser foot because the DII does it automatically. DUH

Yes, that is a Lindt Chocolate on my cutting board, hubby had a meeting at the Lindt Chocolate Factory today...the only thing better than fabric....chocolate.

Work tomorrow, no Thimbleberries class, maybe I'll get a chance to sew between cutting FQ's and scanning the new Thimbleberries Flannel.


Anonymous said...

This looks fun. Maybe I will do one sometime. It's funny but another friend just started one this week also. I will share hers with you. It is a stitch.


I will be back to visit.

Anonymous said...

Jen good job. Maybe in the next world you will be a writer, who knows maybe even a play writter or something for a movie. Good luck.